About Services

Offers and Services Agreements

Our package services available purchase on installment via credit card.


Special offers validaty of rates 10 (Ten Days) period time.


Special offers and Package services lead times changeable due to variety of contents.

Everyone who has ratified the contract is deemed to have accepted.

What exactly are the Packages and Offers we offer?

We determine the services we offer in 2 different ways, you can buy our packages containing predefined basic components, or you can request a special offer. We offer predefined basic features in packages.


For example, the website package is based on the basic company website architecture such as the Homepage design, the About Us tab, the gallery tab with the Products or Services, and the Contact tab. If you want a special offer for featured websites, we will offer you appropriate solutions.


In another example, in the Social Media Management Service, which we normally offer as a package, 2 weekly content production and sharing (post), the management of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedn page accounts (the content is shared so that the created content is the same for each platform) for religious days and official holidays. We define services such as creating special content (post) as the basic package, you can expand the service you receive by requesting a special offer, for example; Social media posts to be shared 4 times a week, creating separate content for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for special days, providing support to followers periodically, answering followers' questions (with utmost care), developing relationships with followers, sharing stories/stories (post), strategy development and reporting services, content for your company's special campaigns, etc., based on the explanations you will send to us with a personalized order form.


Once you sign the contract form that we will send to you, upon the offers given by our company, and send it to us, the design process begins. Necessary information such as the time required for the design, the scope of the work and the estimated delivery date will be conveyed to you in detail.


The contract provides legal guarantee for both parties, after negotiation in the contracts (in case you send us the items you request to be changed in the process, it can be evaluated by our company.) you can send

Within 3 (three) business days from the contract signing date, 50% of the total amount in the contract is deposited into the bank account specified in the contract.

Konya Courthouse Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized for disputes arising from the contract.